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I am Kaisa Viitanen, freelance journalist. On these pages you will find examples of my work in Finnish. Here is also an introduction of my immigration related books.

After some years in Amsterdam I have returned back to original home town Helsinki. I still love the Dutch canal city and will often travel there for work. There I find endlessly ideas for travel stories, café and food reportages and interior articles.

Cover of the book Paperittomat Karkotetut-kirjan kansi My other passion is immigration. I want to understand how and why people move. With Finnish photographer Katja Tähjä we first followed undocumented migrants in seven European Union member countries. We met women, men and children who live without residence permits in a constant fear of getting caught and being deported. These people are the real outlaws and survivors of our time. Our first book, Undocumented Lives is the first European photo documentary book about paperless people and their everyday life.

In Finnish the first book is called Paperittomat (Paperless) and it was published in 2010 by publisher HS-Kirjat. In Finland the book has won several awards. Please see our sample pages here. If you are interested to read more about the Paperittomat book, you can get it to your iPad. Our e-book in English is called Undocumented Lives, please get it from iTunes.

For the second book we wanted to find out what happens to those people who have been deported forcibly against their own will. This book is called Karkotetut  (Deported) and it is unfortunately at the moment only in Finnish. The book was published in 2016.

My background is in magazine journalism. I worked for 11 years for Finland´s biggest women´s weekly magazine Me Naiset, mostly writing reportages on social issues. I have also worked in content marketing in the Finnish Start up called Era Content. Now I am a freelancer, make video scripts and write for Finnish media about a wide range of things, including food, families and modern African art.

Kaisa Viitanen, valokuva: Teemu Kuusimurto I believe in storytelling, narrative feature journalism and I never stop my search for new, unheard stories to tell. 

Do you have a great idea for an article in mind? Feel free to contact me.

Kaisa Viitanen

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